5 Strategies to Make Strong Erection and Prevent Impotence

One of the things that concern men is impotence. This is because erections are important for their sexual life and for continuing offspring.

For this reason, it is important to know how to have a healthy and long-lasting erection. Not only you but also useful for couples. So, recommended for the men to consume Viagra to make the long-lasting erection. You can get it at Canadian Pharmacy.

In a previous article, it was discussed that not all men can have an old erection. Here are 5 strategies that make an erection last a long time.

1. Lower weight

More than 50{a1a37d972dbe6cefb7cb20d888a25bc52c3b0cf1b206021b9b8cb5a506879e7a} of men with the diabetes experience impotence. This disease speeds up arterial line disease and slows a transmission of the stimuli along the nerves throughout the body.

So, staying slim with the ideal body weight is the right way to avoid the diabetes. Men with high blood sugar and can’t control it, have an erectile problem of 70{a1a37d972dbe6cefb7cb20d888a25bc52c3b0cf1b206021b9b8cb5a506879e7a} more than those who don’t. This was revealed by a study in Italy.

2. Relax while making love

Mistakes in making love can damage the penis. In fact, the partner’s pubic bone turns out to have same density like a tree.

Serious damage requires surgery to stabilize internal bleeding and reduce a risk of permanent damage. If it’s cured, the penis can lose elasticity, tenderness, pain, and impotence.

For that, keep calm and be careful when making love. Especially if the couple is in the woman on top position.

3. Expand Walking

Walking is good for making healthy erections. A study said men who walked 3 kilometers in 1 day had problems with their erections lower than men with sedentary lifestyles (lifestyles that often sit long, for example, office workers).

So, the more you sport and exercise, your healthier, your cleaner, and more flexible the lining of the arteries.

4. Yawning more often

Yawning turns out to be related to erection. Both are controlled by chemicals called nitrogen monoxide (Nitric Oxide) which are released into the brain.

He can travel to neurons which control the mouth opening and breathing, and down a spinal cord into a blood vessel and into the penis.

Not that you have to foreplay with your mouth open. However, occasionally allow yourself to evaporate and help the neurochemical pathway for a stronger erection.

5. Get enough sleep

Penis also needs rest. Every night, when you fall asleep, you will experience a long erection for three to five hours.

This is done to recharge the penis and keep it filled with the oxygenated blood.

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